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BIGTREETECH New Upgrade Rumba32 - Bit V1.0 Motherboard

BIGTREETECH New Upgrade Rumba32 - Bit V1.0 Motherboard


About this item

  • 1)If you encounter any problems, please write us via Amazon as soon as possible. We have professional technical after-sales personnel to solve your problems.
  • 2)The main control adopts the 32-bit ARM-level Cortex-M4 series STM32F446VET6 chip with a frequency of 180MHz, which greatly improves the performance.
  • 3)Equipped with highly modular open source firmware Marlin2.0, which is convenient for users to DIY and reopen, to avoid the worries of not being able to master the core code.
  • 4)Marlin2.0 uses powerful development tools, Visual Studio Code Integrated Development Environment: Support online debugging, More helpful for product development and performance optimization,Developed in C language, Low development threshold.
  • 5)Support BIGTREETECH-3.5 inch screen (12864 mode, or use DuPont line to connect EPX3 corresponding serial port pin, TFT mode can also be realized), LCD2004 screen, LCD12864 screen.
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